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Welcome to Amaira AestheticTM

“AMAIRA” means “Beautiful Forever”. On the principals of its originating philosophy, AMAIRA AESTHETICSTM has been conceptualized with a mission of helping people achieve their individual goals of looking and staying young as well as beautiful with the help of science, technology, skills and care. We offer one of the most innovative and latest cosmetics solutions to address variety of skin problems being faced by various individuals of different age groups. Quality is paramount for us; therefore, all our products have been developed under technical supervision of leading dermatologists from India as well as from USA and have been approved by competent regulatory authority (FDA). Since we care for nature, all our products are paraben free, 100% vegetarian and have never been tasted on animals. We also ensure to source all the plant based natural ingredients responsibly. All our serums and gels are ecologically-certified products. Education & learning is an integral part of cosmetology field, hence AMAIRA AESTHETICSTM provides niche and scientifically proven cosmetology training solutions through AAMAC (Amaira academy of medical aesthetics and cosmetology). AAMAC regularly facilitates and organizes variety of educational courses & programs which are suitable for different segments of cosmetology professionals who wish to further hone their skills for latest & advanced skin care techniques.

Chemical Peels; Gateway to a Perfect skin:

Of late, Chemical peels are steadily gaining popularity across the globe. Since the results are spontaneous, majority of the clients are getting inclined to experience these procedures due to proven cosmetic effects these products offer. AMAIRA AESTHETICSTM range of peels is FDA approved and have shown excellent results in the management of various skin conditions like melasma, acne along with various other kind of skin disorders.



Forget conventional facials and adapt to latest trend of Medi-facials, which are more beneficial for your skin and have longer-lasting results. Since Medi-facials may be customized to requirements of the clients’ basis their skin conditions like acne, blemishes, age related dullness and skin tanning etc. Basically Medi-facials helps a cosmetologist or a beautician to select a specific solution to resolve that particular skin condition of the client. Because of medicinal properties of the ingredients which are carefully chosen after years of research, Medi-facials usually helps recovering the skin from its lost elasticity and luster by building up the collagen and reviving its natural protective barrier and hence reversing the harmful effects of environmental damage to the skin due years of exposure to pollutants, sun rays and psychological and metabolic stress. Unlike conventional beauty facials, which only provides temporary pamper to the client, Medi-facials actually addresses the underlying skin problem and offers a scientific solution to manage the same. All Medi-facial kits offered at AMAIRA AESTHETICSTM are FDA approved. HOME CARE RANGE: An effective post treatment care is equally important to sustain the quality of the procedures; hence we offer FDA approved range of home care products. All these products have been chosen after extensive researched and development so that the results are long lasting.


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